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Amazing Blues Performance At Bradenton Blues Festival – Bradenton blues festival is introduced in 2012 with the agenda to build vivacious atmosphere and prosperity for everyone that is involved. Started from 2012, the event become a signature of Bradenton’s downtown that is celebrated annually. This blues festival is organized by a non-profit organization, Realize Bradenton. The idea about this event is that to show people outside Bradenton (Florida) about its culture, arts, sports, and history. Each year, the event presents its audiences various talented blues artists for both regional and also national. And absolutely, as every year the performers aren’t the same, you will experience different sensation.

In 2012 Bradenton blues festival attracted 3,000 music lovers. That time, talented blues artist like Southern Hospitality, Kenny Neal, Ruthie Foster and more, participate the event. And you know? In 2013, a second year of the blues festival, the audiences are increased. There about 3,500 people that witness beautiful talent of Trampled Under Foot, Anthony Gomez, and many more. For  some reason the audience decrease when it comes to the one held in 2014, but don’t get it wrong because the vibe of the event spreads across the country for the live streaming that reached more than 3,200 viewers from around world.
Even so, it is said that nothing that can compare to Bradenton blue festival held last year in 2015. Many admit that 2015 Bradenton blues festival was the best blues festival ever held. Then, how about blues festival this year? Can the 2016 blues festival can compete the last year big success? It is probably too early to predict, but considering its preparation, you can expect more. The plan is that blues festival in Bradenton will be opened December 3rd this year. But before the main event, there is  a little surprise.

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Full weekend concert Bradenton blues festival

There is a so-called Blues Appetizer which you barely find on previous concert. And guess what? This is the first time that Bradenton blues festival is held in a full weekend. Blues Appetizer can be enjoyed free. The amazing blues performance from great blue artists are not the only thing that brighten the event atmosphere. Right on the venue, you’ll find crafted beer and also mouthwatering food vendors. Don’t forget about the after party that adds more taste of your Saturday night. However, it is not the ending of the blues festival, as you get another blues performance the next day.

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