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Bali Art Festival as the Attractive Show – Bali is one of the beautiful islands in the world. It is like the paradise for many people in the world. The culture and the nature are very amazing. One of the interesting things that you can find when you visit Bali is about the Bali art festival. It is the unique and very attractive festival because this festival is full of art. You can find many kinds of the Arts that will make you feel so glad and enjoy the show.
The Bali Arts Festival is a cultural treat for fortunate visitors who are in Bali till mid July. The festival traditionally begins on the 2nd Saturday of June and goes through the month of July. It is the perfect moment to witness Bali’s wealth of performing arts together with different cultural highlights from other islands in Indonesia. As one of the primary highlights in Bali’s calendar of events, the annual event functions various artworks and cultural achievements, inviting residents and global visitors to the Taman Werdhi Budaya Arts Centre in Denpasar where many of the day-to-day exhibits and art efficiencies are focused.
There are many kinds of are that will be showed in the wonderful Bali art festival such as the handicraft, culture, and the commercial activities. There are many kinds of music and the traditional music that will make the festival more amazing. You also will find the traditional food, dance, contest, classical place, and many others thins bout Bali. This festival usually happens one month. The place is start form Denpasar Bali. Many people will love this festival because it provides you the great performance with the unique Bali’s culture.
The story of this festival
Bali is the famous Island. Many international tourist visit Bali to enjoy the beach and the culture. This festival starts from the tourist who really loves the culture of Bali people. There are many processes that make this festival still happen until know. Many tourists want to learn about Bali, culture and the arts. They try to find people that want to teach theme and the tourist are accepted goodly. The Bali art festival is influenced by this condition.
Find the best school
After there are many people who love the art in Bali, the school f culture such as school of dance, handicraft and many other arts makes people in Bali make the school. There are many tourists that Joint to the school. The school starts by using the traditional method and then the school becomes very interesting and modern for all people in the world. Tourist likes to make the beautiful arts and shows it too many people and know become the great Bali art festival.
Explore More!
This Bali art festivalis not only providing a kind of art but there are many products such as the dances that will entertain many people. The traditional dances that you can find are gambuh, kecak, barong and many others. You can enjoy this festival and take the new experience in Bali by following the festival. Bali with the amazing culture should be safe and don’t let the culture go from the Island or form the country that is Indonesia.
When Bali Arts Festival will be held?
Hundreds of artisans from the Denpasar town, Bali’s provinces, other neighbouring islands and even art performers from abroad take part and showcase their skills. Now in its 38th year, the Bali Arts Festival returns June 11 to July 9, and carries a primary style “Karang Awak: Cherishing the Home Island”.
On routine days, a visit to the Denpasar Art Centre is a little trip to admire splendid sculptures and Balinese architectural features along with a venue of choice for image shoots with exotic backdrops. However throughout the Bali Arts Festival in June and July, the complex becomes alive with colourful traditional bamboo and coconut leaf designs and banners. Crowds gather in front of its open phases, auditoriums and outside pavilions to witness a variety of traditional and modern dances, shadow puppetry, music structures and youth competitors that fill the festival program.
Take pleasure in traditional music and gamelan recitals at the Ayodya and Angsoka stages, in addition to night Balinese documentary screenings at the Ksirarnawa auditorium. Balinese children’s Gong Kebyar gamelan jam sessions at the Ardha Candra amphitheatre is likewise a distinct emphasize, with vocal, musical and dance collaborations by troupes from Denpasar and the Tabanan regency. Likewise discover handicraft, painting, sculpture exhibitions and traditional culinary fetes including favourite Balinese dishes. The Bali Arts Festival usually closes with a dynamic event with a night traditional ballet referred to as ‘sendratari’, held at the Ardha Candra open stage from 20:00.


The Bali Arts Festival kicks off with a June 11 opening parade in front of the Bajra Sandhi monument in Denpasar. At the Ardha Chandra phase of the Bali Arts Centre, witness a series of stage efficiencies by the Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) of Denpasar. On the following days as much as Saturday, July 9, the various stages and different venues come to life with the broad and colourful range of efficiencies from different art groups from all over the island and Indonesia. The month-long festival offers you the very best showcase of Balinese and Indonesian arts and culture in the entire year!
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