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Beechworth Celtic Festival For Celtic Lover – Either you love anything about Celtic or you are curios about Celtic culture, Beechworth Celtic festival is your destination. This is an annual celebration to please Celtic enthusiasts, since in the whole three days, everything with Celtic flavor will be presented to them from dancing, theater, live music, pipe bands, village market, comedy, to street parade. Every year in November, town of Beechworth located in Victoria, attracts many attention not only locals, but also people outside Victoria. The uniqueness of Celtic festival is that, this festival has different things for different age categories. 

Which means, if you have nothing to do, or another case you have no idea where to go during November 4th to 6th , why don’t you considerBeechworth Celtic festival? Furthermore, if you are around the old city. Nevertheless, the three days Celtic festival will start on Friday night, where you can enjoy Celtic dinner. Not to mention, in the same night, there is meet and greet that is located at the hotel (Hotel Nicholas). Move to Saturday, you will get entertained with live music or being busy with bunches of fun activities. At Queen Victoria Park, you can enjoy the music starting from 09.00am to 04.00pm.
Village market at Beechworth Celtic festival is something you shouldn’t skip. Various food are there, face painting, jewelry, clan information, and more. Street parade with Highland music will start at Queen Victoria Park then go down to the street through the Old Gold and some other locations like Town Hall Gardens, and finally to the Historic Precinct. Still in Saturday, you can join dancing competition if you want to. And then on Sunday, you can enjoy Celtic bands, poets breakfast, and Celtic Performers. From Friday, Saturday to Sunday, then Saturday is the busiest day.
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How to buy Beechworth Celtic Festival?

Join Beechworth Celtic festival, you have to buy tickets or you can use gold coin. Make sure that you get yourself informed about whether you can use gold coin or ticket for each performance. Enjoying the Celtic Dinner, it is possible to purchase your ticket right on the spot, nevertheless, it would be better if you book the ticket upfront. Three  types of tickets which are available, family ticket that costs $25, double ticket for $20, and single ticket that costs you $10. You can go to Ticket Office or Beechworth Memorial hall for wrist band. In addition, if you want to experience village market or witness highland dancing, ensure you bring your gold coin.

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