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Columbus Art Festival: How this Fiesta! – There are many art festivals in this world. Each country often holds one in its own way. Although they hold it based on its own art works, what you can find in the festival is typical to each other. How about Columbus Art Festival then? To know it, it is better if we talk about it. Who knows you are interested in enjoying your time in this festival in Columbus, Ohio. If you ever go there, you can make sure to see this festival.

This year Columbus Arts Festival

There are a lot to say about this Arts Festival in Columbus if we went back in its history. This time, let’s just see how it becomes today. Well, this year this festival is sure to come to welcome all art lovers. In this year, this event was done on June 10 to 12 in the downtown Riverfront. Although it was happened already, you can’t ignore how amazing it was and how exciting it is to expect it next year.
Even this year, this Columbus Art Festival was done in Riverfront that had been transformed into an art gallery. Well, of course, it was a stunning outdoor one. During the festival, many top artists in the nation displayed their art works there. There were over 300 artists that have been nationally acclaimed. They successfully attracted all visitors in the festival. Arts Fiesta in Columbus sure is great.
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What’s more? People got to try gourmet fare there. It was said to have come from the city’s finest restaurants, you see. You can expect no less from it. Besides, people also got live concerts, dance and theatre performances, and film screenings to see. Not to mention, there were interesting hands-on art activities to do as well. Next year, you might just be able to enjoy all of those things in Columbus Art Festival. So, don’t forget to see it.
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