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Dare To Join Turkey Testiclee Festival? – Yes, eating a turkey may sound normal for you? But, how about turkey Testiclee? Some of you may frown your forehead right now. Turkey Testiclee festival is a tradition that is held in several small towns around United States and usually a night prior Thanksgiving. Each town, surely, has different tradition for the Testiclee that is consumed for the Testiclee festival. Some will use cattle Testiclee, while, other will include wildlife Testiclee. However, the famous one is turkey Testiclee, the oldest Testiclee festival with turkey Testiclee that is held, it is on Byron, Illinois.


Turkey Testiclee festival is the right time for those who want to dare themselves unusual food. However, there is nothing too extreme about eating turkey Testiclee for the reason the Testiclee is fried or battered first, before you put it inside your mouth. Though, it is called as Testiclee festival, but that is not the only thing that you get. The Testiclee alone, there are another good foods you can enjoy, live music performance, and of course great festival atmosphere. Depend on which location   you choose to enjoy the Testiclee festival, you probably get something different in the package.
Not the locals who enjoy turkey Testiclee festival, but also people from the surrounding areas. Is there any entrance ticket, some places may require you to pay, while some other require only to donate. In addition, for the ticket usually you can book them online. Commonly, the Testiclee festival is held during November which date is varied depending upon where the festival is held. For instance, Testiclee festival that is located in Byron, Illinois, it was on November 25th 2015. Speak of Byron, the Testiclee festival is held since 1978, and it continues each year until now. Not to mention, if this is the first time you join the occasion, there are several things you should know.
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Joining Turkey Testiclee festival

Turkey Testiclee festival is for adults or someone that is already 21 years old, but the regulation can be different from one place to another. It is suggested that you check first before considering about joining the festival. And oh, if it is possible for you, participate to local charity is much appreciated.  Curious about the taste of the turkey Testiclee? Not to spoil you, but the taste is like fried mushroom with zero flavor. Another even claim that turkey Testiclee is like aphrodisiac. Myth or fact? You better taste it by yourself this year, if you dare enough.

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