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Experience Owensboro Christmas Parade – Christmas parade is one among other things that turns to be fascinating attraction, not only for the locals, but also people from another places that especially come to join the Christmas parade. Owensboro Christmas parade is another famous Christmas parade that drags more and more people to experience its vibrant atmosphere. Nevertheless, this Christmas parade is an annual event, and also becomes the start off for the holiday season. Various things that you can enjoy through the parade. And the fact that this Christmas parade is considered as the longest Christmas parade held within Tri-State region, it sounds like a confirmation that the parade will mesmerize you. 

Owensboro Christmas parade intensifies the feel of Christmas around the town. The theme for the parade is not the same each year. Last year, the theme for the Christmas parade is Bicentennial Christmas, while for this year, it is Home For The Holiday. Christmas parade at Owensboro staged in November every year, even so the date for the celebration is not always the same. Last year Christmas parade was on November 21st , whilst, this year, the even will be started on November 19th this year. To be part of the events, you have two options whether you want to be participant the parade or spectator.
Anyone who consider of becoming participant of Owensboro Christmas parade then you can submit parade entry application. If you read carefully the regulation and so on, there is nothing like significant problem to you. If you need to pay to participate the Christmas parade, spectators can  enjoy the Christmas parade for free. Look back to the previous Christmas parade, the parade is started from 04.00 pm until 08.00.therefore, ensure that you wear proper clothes to protect yourself from the lower temperature.
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Amazing Owensboro Christmas parade

Something interesting about Owensboro Christmas parade is that, prior to the event, kids are encouraged to write letter that is destined for Santa. They can download the template, and then finish the letter. The next day, when the Christmas parade is started, Santa’s assistance or  helper approach the kids to collect the letter that they wrote, and then give them to Santa. That kind moment when the letters are collected during the parade, it is so magical. In the case that you want to join this year Christmas parade. Making sure that you won’ miss any update from the event, you can follow their social media account.

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