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Fairhope Art Festival And Why It Is Special – Want to experience the buzz of one amazing events in America, then it should be Fairhope art festival.  That ‘s right the one that is designed for in this year is already past story, and to have your great time at the art festival you have to wait the next event, however, here is a little something about the art festival and why this art festival is so special. Plan to involve to the next year art festival in Fairhope, ensure you note the following. For the next year event, annual art festival in Fairhope is commenced on March 17th to 19th in this year or from Friday to Sunday.
The Fairhope art festival lasts for three days. Obviously, during those amazing three days, visitors   can have fun and admire great talent of artists that participate the art festival. Various artists dwell the mesmerizing art festival. In addition, approximately 75 exhibitors become part of the event as well. Each year the art festival give its fans something new. And from the firs time until the recent art festival, the festival is orchestrated even better, thanks to the dedicated community and volunteers that make this event has good reputation.

The Fairhope art festival happen

Something common about festival is that, the event is designed to promote the location where the festival is celebrated and to boost locals economy. Fairhope art festival is about local economy and promote the community, too. Even so, there is something more about it. The nice festival atmosphere, the hospitality of the people make you appreciate the art festival more. And you know what? According to the artist who participate the art festival, the festival gives them good relationship with their customers. Apart from the artists and their customers, the art festival is a place for those who want to experience unique foods.
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Not to mention Fairhope art festival presents its visitors with live performance that they can enjoy each day until the festival ends. You can say that this art festival gives you the full access of excitement. You can join the art festival free, for admission fees are not part of the festival. Visitors who drive to the art festival, they can park their vehicle free.  If you want to reach the art festival at shopping centers’ parking lot located at Fairhope Avenue Intersection and main Highway 98, Baldwin County Area Transportation System (BRATS) offer shuttle services that costs you about $2. The art festival will open from 10.00am to 05.00pm everyday during its three days. 
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