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Feel The Festive Of Shrimp Festival Forth Myers Beach  – There is annual event at Fort Myers Beach that you shouldn’t skip while visiting the town on March. It is shrimp festival Fort Myers Beach. The celebration for the festival this year, it was on 12th to 13th March. Indeed, the next year shrimp festival isn’t announced yet, however you can expect the same date or close to it. During two days of the celebration, the festival offers different activities you can choose whether you want to enjoy the festival in its whole package or only some of them that interest you the most.
In the first day of the shrimp festival Fort Myers Beach, there is fun run known as 5K shrimp run. This one is started at 09.00am. An hour after the 5K shrimp run, you can enjoy the parade which length is about 1 mile, and yes, it is a very long parade. The starter line of the parade is moved to another place that is Bowditch Point Park to replace its usual route. The parade will travel to ground festival at lynn hall park. The most awaiting list for shrimp festival should be, shrimp eating championship.

When Shrimp festival Fort Myers Beach be held

Meet the shrimp queen on March 12th at festival ground. The crowning is set at 01.00pm, so make sure you won’t late. The queen pageant is another interesting part of the shrimp festival. Girls who around 16 to 20 years old can apply for the event. Usually prior to the event, the application is opened. Assure that you will not miss any necessary information about queen pageant of Shrimp festival Forth Myers Beach, get yourself update with its latest information through the event website or you can also email or contact the coordinator of the pageant.

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The prize for the girl who is crowned as shrimp queen is not a joke. First, they get privilege to experience riding the amazing Corvette during the parade, and second, they obtain college scholarship . Some of you may think that the queen stuff is all about talent or beauty contest. But the truth, that is not the mission of the queen pageant at shrimp festival Fort Myers beach. Since the essence of queen pageant is to find sociable and affable young lady that fit to represent Fort Myers Beach. Great food, unique crafts and gifts are other things from the festival. Do you want to experience the real taste of well-cooked local shrimp? Don’t skip lion shrimp dinner. 
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