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Grasp The Excitements Of Cobargo Folk Festival – Cobargo folk festival is annual family friendly event that lures numerous fans from around Australia. That is not the only thing, since it brings more and more performers each year. Located in sapphire coasts, Cobargo village as the venue of the folk festival provides you with relaxing atmosphere and good-looking surrounding. The addition of amazing music from the folk festival, this event is a great escape to spend with family. Cobargo alone is a home for numbers of musicians with great talents, so yes, this event will spoil you much if you are music fans, and even though you are not, other activities on the event keeps you entertained.
Cobargo folk festival that is celebrated regularly each year on March offers you more than just good music. Not to mention, this event is known as premier little folk event. Aside from great music from local artists and those from around Australia, there is also workshop you can join. Singing, thin whistle, percussion, song writing and guitars are workshops you can attend during the folk festival. Then, how about the kids? Kids can have so much fun there for various activities they can join.

Kids in Cobargo folk festival

The activities kids can join are magic, percussion playing, singing, craft and many other more. Is that the only thing from Cobargo folk festival? Obviously, it is not. There is also unique dancing you barely find anywhere like what is performed by Djaadjawan dancers. They wear unique accessories as the headpiece, necklace, and belt. Another thing that makes this dancing interesting is that, the dancers have their body painted. Indeed, it is not covered all over their body, but still you find them unique. Nevertheless, Djaadjawan dancing is the only one. Some say,  morris dancing should be there in a vibrant folk festival, and that is what you get.

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Morris dancers with their unique move will entertain you. For people who don’t know this dancing is started in 15th century. The signature of morris dancers, they have stick, bells on their legs, and handkerchief. Sometimes they have wear straw hat decorated with colorful flowers. Food stalls  and bars are part of Cobargo folk festival as well. You probably rarely find this view from another festival, but the bar there becomes comfortable spot for artists to relax, to have light conversation or to immerse themselves with their music instrument. No much information about the next year event, but making sure to stay update through its event website or social media.
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