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Great Way To Enjoy Escondido Christmas Parade – When it comes to Christmas, each community has their own Christmas parade that becomes their signature. And for every Christmas parade that you join, it gives different experience, then how about Escondido Christmas parade? Among other events held in Escondido, the Christmas parade becomes part of the community within 65 years if you count this year as well. The essence of Christmas parade is to spread the Christmas spirit with more interesting package. Not to mention that the parade will make the Christmas vibes more festive. 

Something unique with Escondido Christmas parade is that, each year it gives you different interesting theme as the center for the parade. Last year Christmas parade’s theme is Christmas around the world, and it is possible that for this year Christmas parade, the parade will give you different unique theme. Escondido  High School becomes the start line of the Christmas parade, it will move elegantly to Broadway, and finally to its finish line at Grape Day Park. The starting time  of the parade may be different, depends upon the year of the even. Last year for instance, the parade is started at 09.30am.
It is important to know that, the parade route is closed. Broadway and some streets connected to the parade will give you zero access start from 08.00am. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the parade, make sure that you know another alternative route. Just because Escondido Christmas  parade is over, it doesn’t mean you can call it a day. Continue your enjoyment of celebrating Christmas at Escondido, be sure that you take some time to explore the downtown of Escondido, Maple. Maple Christmas event, you know, it is a great time to celebrate your Christmas not only with your family, but also with Santa.
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Escondido Christmas parade ticket

No worry about the entrance fees or ticket, since it is free, and that is why, it is recommended for you that after you spend some time to enjoy Escondido Christmas parade, you can directly stride to maple. The event offers you and your family with fun games. Santa will come to you during the event with teddy bears as the present, however, the number is limited. Take photograph with Santa, there will be professional photographer that will give you both best moment and best picture with Santa. To make it even better, there is no need for you to wait until tomorrow or couple days for the photograph, since you can bring home the photograph in the same day.

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