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Have Fun in Celebrating the Amazing Holi Festival of Color in India – Besides Diwali, Holi Festival in India is one of the big festivals in India. Color powder and sand are the main properties in this festival because it is also known as the festival of colors. It takes two days to celebrate this festival. It is started on the Full moon day or Purnima in the Bikram Sambat Hindu Calendar, the month of Falgun. It is equal with the late February or the midst of March. The first day of Holi Festival of Color is known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan while the second day is famous as Dhuleti, Dhulandi, Dhulivandan or Rangwali Holi.

The Indian festival that becomes one of the interesting festivals is Holi or festival of color. It is the unique festival that included as the religious festival. This festival is the ancient festival that has the significant change by the time. In the long time ago, this festival is very traditional but now you can see this festival more colorful and modern. In the older time, you will find this festival performed by the married women and it has the function to make sure about the happiness of the women and the family.


History of Holi

Holi Festival India has been celebrated since long time ago, that’s w people regard it as the Ancient Indian Festival. Holi is originally celebrated the spring arrival, it is an agricultural festival. As it has mentioned previously, color powder or sand are the properties in this festival. It implies that the people and nature rejoice in the lively spring and colors and throw the gloomy winter off.
If we look back to the Indian legend, Holi Festival in India is closely related to Hiranyakashipu, an evil king. He has a son named Prahlad who often worshipes Vishu. The king forbids Prahlad or Radhu to worship Vishu but Radhu denies his father command. He keeps worshipping Vishnu until he gets challenged by his father to sit with Holika, his demon aunt, on a pyre. The challenge is accepted. Holika dies for the fire but Prahlad survives without any scar. So, this festival is held to memorize Holika.

How to Celebrate Holi

Holi Festival of Color is celebrated for two days. During the first day or Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, people light a public bonfire to commemorate how Holika is burnt. The bonfire is lit from 10 PM or midnight and all people gather around it. Then, people smear the colored sand and powder to each other during the festival. They also make the water colored and throw it to others. They will play; have fun, party and dance all day long. Some big cities in India like Mumbai and Delhi held special Holi events with colors, rain dances and music.
As everyone celebrate Holi Festival India, every social boundary like age, social status and case will be loosening. The social gaps will also be loosening so employers and employee, old and young, poor and rich, women and men celebrate this event together. The atmosphere is fun so you don’t need to feel annoyed. People often say, “Bura na mano, Holi hai.” Which means “Don’t feel offended, it’s Holi” during Holi Festival in India.

Time the festival of color in India

This festival usually happens in the full moon and you will see many people gathering for this special moment. Amazing festival of color is on February and March. When you want to see the festival, you can come to India and follow the rite. The festival has changed. It has different meaning that is as the beginning of the spring for now. The spring has many colors so this festival will use many colors that will make many people look full of colors.
Holi is the old name and nowadays you can see the holy as the color festival. It is the secular festival in India. The Hindu people will respect to this festival but many people do not really know about the meaning and the function of the festival. They only know about the joy and the happiness that will be taken forms this festival of color. The festival is like the colors fight.

The festival take place

You will see many people that bring much powder with many colors and they throw the powder to the other people. It will produce like abstract color to the body. The people use the color for their self or to each other. You can see people laugh when they follow this festival. If you want to follow this festival; you should visit India and you can see the festival in Vrindavan. There is the story about a God Krishna for Hindu people. The Indian festival of color can happen until 2 days.
There are many places that you can find in India but you should try to know about the function of your study. It will be useless if you never take the lesson. The great festival with the powder of colors will make the breath feel uncomforted. You should bring masker that will protect you from this disease.Festival of color will be more attractive because here must be the traditional music or more music. It will depend on the manager taste.
Along with the conventional tossing of colors, there will be a lot of free activities for the family: face painting, henna tattoo artists, dance efficiencies, and live music– all to be enjoyed while you grab supper at one of the mobile exquisite food trucks.
Commemorated with unstoppable energy, Holi in India goes beyond all man-created predispositions and differences of caste and gender. The eagerness of Holi festival takes into its grip everyone, especially the children. Showing the increased spirit of the Holi celebrations, a strong sense of celebration is excessively evident on this day. Individuals just release their feelings and demonstrate their loves and friendliness with complete liberty. This openness appears in Holi events such as house get-togethers, Holi night celebrations and card-game night-outs.

Holi Celebration in Delhi

Being the capital city Delhi spares no cost when it pertains to its nationwide festival. On the eve of Holi Holika are lit in fundamental parts of the city, big bonfires that can be seen from miles away. The celebrations do not stop here, with parades and celebrations and naturally the obligatory water and coloured chalk tossing happening throughout the day of Holi.

Holi Fest in Goa

If like many you’ve concerned India to get away the infuriating crowds and lie sprawled on a desert island style beach for your journey then fear not, you can still be a part of the Holi celebrations from your sun lounger. The festival is referred to as Shigmo here and is celebrated with bands, parades and nigh time musical fare.

Color Celebrate in Rajathstan

The Bhil people of Rajastan in North West India have the tendency to take a standard style of event of the Holi festival. The night before a large bonfire is lit and prayers stated to the goddess of Holi. Children in these tribes are enabled to form companionships which might result in marital relationship, so it’s a popular time for all.
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India’s Holi fest in Utter Pradesh
The northern states take Holi very seriously, especially Mathura in Utter Pradesh since this is stated to be where Lord Krishna grew up. The celebrations of paint splattering can last approximately 16 days here, so make certain you take plenty of replacement clothing! Expect games and shows all day and night here if you’re looking for origins then Gujarat is the place to see where it all started.
Holi is a good time to check out India, the country is at its most lively and amazing, people are amorous and your clothing get a new lease of life with the abundance of colour tossed about. There are numerous places to experience various ways of commemorating the festival, and lots of traditions, so select sensibly depending on your tastes.
The essence of Holi festival is acknowledging the spirit of oneness and dedication. Drowning in colored water represents ridding yourself of ill-will and hatred and getting inebriateded with love for everyone.


Celebrate Holi this year on March 13 with your household and buddies. Pleased Holi on next year!
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