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The Festive Of Jacaranda Festival Applecross – Do you know about Jacaranda Festival Applecross? Jacaranda Festival is a festival that is celebrated each year in Applecross Village, precisely in Ardross Street. Approaching the festival location, you will please not only with the breathtaking view of purple-colored flowers from Jacaranda trees, but also the festive atmosphere of the festival. The festival itself is started some years ago in 2000. Rotary Club of Applecross is the one that is responsible for the celebration of the festival. However Rotary Club members are not alone, there are also volunteers who are ready to help them every year.


To gather the community the spend time together is the idea why Jacaranda Festival Applecross existed. But that is not the only reason because Jacaranda festival is also about the celebration of Jacaranda trees’ blossom. Jacaranda festival occurs every year in late November, and the date  of the celebration can be different. Just like this year Jacaranda festival is celebrated on November on 26th this year unlike the previous year which was on November 21st . This festival is great for  family, and the fact the festival is family-oriented, this festival is very recommended.

Joining Jacaranda Festival Applecross

Want to become a part of Jacaranda Festival Applecross, you have to know about this. First, the festival can be very addicting for its great atmosphere, laughter, and of course the beauty of Ardross Street that is covered with flowers from Jacaranda trees. Second, especially this year, the festival will start at 10.00am until 03.00pm. And third, this festival is for everyone in the family and free. However, donation is welcomed, so ensure that you participate on it as the money will be used for the next year festival.

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What to enjoy at Jacaranda Festival Applecross? It is plenty, and each of family member, adults and kids, can choose what kind of activities they want. Food stalls with various delicious foods are there to make your tummy smile. Kid activities are also becoming part of the festival, so yes, your kids will enjoy the festival so much. Curious about local stuffs, Jacaranda festival is a perfect event for you. In addition to make the festival even more festive, there is music performance you can enjoy with your family. Plan to travel to Perth on November, ensure that you put Jacaranda festival on your list. And even if you’re already there last year, you will experience something different for the festival vibes.
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