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Join Crickhowell Walking Festival And Challenge Yourself – Love walking and want to challenge yourself, Crickhowell walking festival will please you. Want to know more? The walking festival is lasted for about nine days, and during that time you will delve yourself with bunches of activities. Speak of walking festival, this one is designed for all level or walkers. Walkers around the world with experience, you can choose to walk through the top of Brecon Beacons or Black Mountain, those who prefer something easier, you can choose to walk through lower slopes. 
As prevention act to tackle down any inconvenience situation, whether you choose to walk through the top of the mountain or you desire to walk across the lower slopes, you will be guided by experienced locals. During the event of Crickhowell walking festival, take the chance to learn more about map reading and navigation. In fact, this is the occasion that you shouldn’t miss, because you get both theoretical and practical knowledge of how to read the map and understand better about navigation. After the long walking, you can relax your muscle with music. Too, you can dance, but only if you still have a little extra energy to do so.

Time to Crickhowell walking festival

Crickhowell walking festival is an annual event held in March (around its beginning), however, the application for the even, it is already opened approximately in December. Unlike other festivals that give almost no limit toward who can participate to the events, something different occurs when it comes to this walking festival. There is a huge number of participants who expect join the festival, however, the spot is very limited due to the characteristic of the festival. To save your spot, ensure that you book on the events and all walks immediately when it is announced, in case that you want to join the upcoming event next year.

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Tourist who join Crickhowell walking festival, if you want to know more about the festival, you can find more detail information through CRiC (Crickhowell Resource and Information) as this is the hub of information that you need about the festival, in addition, during the festival, it stays open from 09.00am to 05.00pm. Art gallery, tourist information center, and internet cafe, you can find them over there as well. Looking for the main park or you want to know the location of public toilets, you can find them right behind the CRiC. Before you bring yourself problem, ensure to park your vehicle properly. 

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