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Lantern Festival Spokane: the Most Beautiful Evening Festival in Washington State – Have you ever heard of Lantern Festival Spokane? Yes, it refers to Chinese Lantern Festival in Washington State. It is considered to be the most beautiful evening festival there. If you ever go or even live in Spokane, Washington State, it is a must for you to see and enjoy this festival while you are there. But, let’s learn more about this festival first for there are many things to know about it. Let’s see what you can know about it here.

The Chinese lantern Spokane Festival

As you might have known, this is a Chinese-based festival. It is usually held around September to October. It is a recurring daily type of festivals. Since it happens in evening, you can expect to enjoy the festival starting on 5 in the evening till 10 to 11 at night. As for where it exactly happens, it is usually held at Riverfront Park, 507 N Howard, Spokane, WA 99201. Then, what’s in the festival?
Lantern Festival Spokane is actually a celebration of light and culture of China. It can host more than 30 illuminated displays in accordance to traditional Chinese custom. Of course, the display ranges from the bigger to the smaller ones. Beside massive lanterns, this Spokane’s Lantern Festival also offers you amazing performances and incredible foods to try. You must have expected them, right?
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It will be an event full of nightly cultural performances and demonstrations, children activities, Chinese calligraphy, and historic displays of 5,000-year Chinese culture, to be exact. You will even get to taste Chinese heritage culinary form local guest chefs. There will also be performances by actors, artisans, and acrobats too. Lantern Festival Spokane sure is a lively one in Spokane. This is really a must-see festival in Washington State.
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Lantern Festival Spokane
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