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Parade Collage Bundoora Tours – Parade College is a single-sex secondary school that is located in Victoria, Melbourne. There are two locations for Parade Collage, the first one it is located at Bundoora, and the last one, it is situated at Preston. The two campuses, Parade Collage Bundoora and Parade Collage Preston are separated about eight kilometers from one and another. Parade Collage was established in 1871 by five Christian Brothers. Actually, Bundoora and Preston aren’t its original location, however, the school moved from the old school to its present location for good reasons .
About one hundred students enrolled to Parade College on its inception, and the number of the students are increased per year. Something great about Parade College, it is not only about the achievement of its students, excellent facilities of the campuses, but also its tradition of open days and tours where people outside the campuses can experience both Parade Collage Bundoora and Preston. the open days and the tours are event that occurs annually each February. The purpose  of the event probably to introduce the campuses to the outsiders and to attract prospective parents to have a closer look toward the campuses.

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For the upcoming open days and tours of Parade College Bundoora and Preston, it is on February 19thin this year. You can expect that during the event, you will be entertained with demonstrations, activities, Devonshire tea, and BBQ. Just like the parents, kids will have a lot of fun attending the event, moreover, they have opportunity to be part of many activities there. Only through the event, every area of the campuses are allowed to invade. No need to worry that you will get lost, since your adventure will accompanied by guided tour to show you every inch of the school.

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Personalized tour is available as well for both Parade College Bundoora and Preston. And you have to know that the aforesaid tour is not for everyone, but prospective family. Therefore, if you have intention to enroll your children there, and curious about Parade College community, you are welcomed for the occasion. The tour itself will start at 09.15am until 10.50am everyday. But, it is pivotal for parents to know that, in order to experience the personalized tour that is guided either by senior staffs or college regristrar, you have to book, upfront, the tour. You have two options when booking the tour, you can book it online or dial the phone number that is available at their website. 
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