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Penguin Parade Tickets, So Then You Can Enjoy The Breathtaking Penguin Parade – What do think about spending your time viewing penguin parade? Philip Island offers you with magical experience to view penguins from its natural habitat. Penguin parade is activity where penguins back ashore from the whole day fishing, and depending on kind of penguin parade tickets that you purchase you can choose the way you view penguin parade. You can enjoy the viewing through tiered seating available at Summerland Beach with 180 view. In addition   you want to get closer with the penguin, you can consider the timber walkway.

Nevertheless, if it us not enough for you, underground viewing is a great alternative. Only available for 70 people, you can view the penguin parade with eye-level. Not to mention that you will have the opportunity to spot favorite pathway of penguin parade which you cannot get from Summerland Beach’s tiered seating. Experience pole potion of penguin parade, penguin sky box package is worth considering. Not only you can view penguin parade, in the same time you can interact with them. Get even closer to the Little Penguin, choose Eco Tour when you purchase
penguin parade tickets.

Behind the scene of penguin parade is so breathtaking. With the assistance of the ranger, you can witness yourself all of the hardwork both the researchers and rangers to give protection to the little penguin. Want to know more about the island or probably you need some information about penguin parade tickets, Penguin Parade Visitors Centre is a great resource for you. Want to bring something with Philip Island signature, you can purchase gifts from gift shops available at Penguin Parade Visitors Centers. Have a good time and relax before or after viewing penguin parade, you will find some good cafes there alongside with theater and toilets.
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To have penguin parade tickets, you can book them online. The price for the ticket is varied based on what kind of package that you book and your age together with number of people that join the tour. The ticket for children around 4 to 15 years, it is started at $45.95, and when it comes to adult, it is started from $66.95. However, the best offer is for those with family. A suggestion, ensure you update the ticket information of penguin parade next time you put this event on your list. One more, to hinder yourself from awkward situation with the rangers, restraint yourself to film or to take picture during the viewing.

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