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Plano Balloon Festival: the Fundraiser of Local Nonprofit Organizations – When it comes to festivals in Texas, you must know that there is one called Plano Balloon Festival there. Although it might have been a festival, it is not a mere festival held for fun only. Did you know? This festival is actually held as an important fundraiser too. It is not that often for us to see festival like this, right? Well, of course, it is not like the festival will be less fun than the others. In fact, there are many things to expect there.

How Plano Balloon Festival Is

Balloon Festival in Plano is a festival done in every September in Texas. Being one of the largest celebrations in the city of Plano, this festival has always been drawing countless number of attendees. During this event, there are usually 5 hot air balloon launches, large Kids Fun Zone, local community acts, live bands, sky divers, fireworks, and balloon night glows. They sure are interesting.
The 5 hot air balloon launches in Plano Balloon Festival will be done as long as the weather allows for such thing. Indeed, we can’t launch air balloon when it rains, right? So, weather might affect the events. They might be altered, prevented, delayed, or event eliminated. This event is an amazing one if you get to really see it though. After the dusk comes in the city of Plano, the balloons will glow.

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Meanwhile, the pilots will gather with their equipment in the field, start the firings of burners in the balloons, and finally launch them. Even so, there are still other events you can look forward to. The local community acts for example, will be showcased on stage. Also, the live bands can be expected on Friday and Saturday nights too. Plano Festival of Balloonis always full of excitements. You will never have enough of the fun in Plano Balloon Festival.
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