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Sapporo Snow Festival the Best Winter Showcase to See in Japan -People do know that Japan is a country with lots of festivals going on through the year. There is more than one festival in just every season. If you ask about winter, we would say that the best one would be Sapporo Snow Festival. This festival is always been annually in the city of Sapporo, Japan. It would usually span over one week in February. So, what kinds of activity, display, or show do we have in this festival? Let’s see them here.

What You Get in the Sapporo Snow Festival

The first event would surely be an International Snow Sculpture Contest. Since 1974, this event used to have been held at the Odori Park. You can participate with your team if you want. The subject of the sculpture usually varies. However, it would often feature certain event, famous building, and person. Once the sculptures are done and scored by juries, they will get displayed for visitors to see.
Yes, the second event would be sculpture display. Since the sculptures are made big, visitors will get magnificent view from them in Sapporo Snow Festival. This sculpture snow festival can be really incredible this way. Well, of course, these are not the only things you can do there. The third event would be to enjoy long snow, ice slides, and huge snow maze usually held at the Satoland site.
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The third event in this Sapporo winter festival is to enjoy musical performances. The festival won’t just be mere sight-seeing anymore. The fourth event includes enjoying Hokkaido’s regional foods, like fresh seafood, potatoes, corn, and fresh dairy products at both Odori Park and Satoland sites. See? It would be one amazing festival even for visitors who have not entering the sculpture contest. As expected, Sapporo Snow Festival truly is the best winter festival.
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