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Sapporo Summer Festival in Japan – In Japan, there are many festivals that you can see. For example, when summer comes, you can wait for Sapporo Summer Festival. It is a festival that is held to celebrate and symbolizes summer in Japan, especially in Sapporo, one of the cities in this country. Of course, it is not just a festival. It is an annual festival that is considered as one of the most interesting attractions in Japan. So, if you want to go to Japan in summer, you cannot miss it.

What to Enjoy Sapporo Summer Festival

If you are interested in this festival, you need to know about Sapporo Summer festival attractions. Before we talk about it, you need to know that this festival starts from the late of July to the late of August. In this festival, you can find beer gardens around Odori Park, one of the most popular parks in Sapporo. Besides that, you can also enjoy the Toyohiragawa fireworks festival in this Sapporo Summer Festival in the late of July. To close the festival, it offers Bon festival dance. Overall, the attractions are enjoyable and exciting.
How to Join
If you are interested to enjoy this Sapporo Summer festival Japan, you need to know how to see it. You can see this festival for free except the foods. If you are at Odori Subway Station, you can go there quickly on foot. For the more detailed address, it is located at Odori Park Nishi, Chuo-ku, Hokkaido, and Sapporo-shi. Different events have their own different hours and venues. So, it will be better for you to check the schedule first.
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That is all about Sapporo Summer Festival. You can enjoy this festival freely to get great attractions. Hopefully this will be a good reference. So, if you are interested, you can consider enjoying this annual festival in Japan.
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