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Something Unique About Space Coast Birding Festival – Who doesn’t like a festival? Space coast birding festival is one among other festival on earth you should join. Was introduced in 1997, this festival displays you Brevard County wildlife, technology, and nature. As the even is family friendly oriented, which means, each of your family member can have fun there as the event gives you various fun outdoor activities. In addition, this festival is known as a preeminent environmental event that is available in United States. And guess what, not only you can have fun, but as well in the same time you gain more knowledge about nature.
Space coast birding festival is very special, and you will admit it once you join the event. The festival will induce your awareness toward natural resource around you, and the fact that Brevard County is so rich with its natural resource, it will amaze you. But the nature is not the only thing that makes spending your time joining the festival interesting, the festival is accompanied with advanced technology to bring your enjoyment to the next level. Want to make your kids or yourself to know better about nature, this festival is what are you looking for.
As a leading environmental event, space coast birding festival is top notch when it comes to environmental education. During the festival, you can also join the museum, nature park, and many interesting attractions. Look closer this amazing festival, you can choose of how you enjoy  the festival. The events that you can join within the festivals are field trip, wildlife and birding classes, and more. If you want to, you can attend workshop where you are exposed with offshore birding and also wildlife adventure, live bats, and more
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Ticketing space coast birding festival

Obviously, there is entrance fee you should pay to experience the uniqueness of space coast birding festival, however, the entrance fee isn’t for every attraction. Here several areas where you can enjoy the show without paying the entrance fees that cover the art show, the silent action, the raptor project, and the last one is exhibit center. Especially for the raptor project, it is limited for 50 people per show, so then you have to wait for the next turn if the seat is full. Even though for this year, you miss the chance to join the festival, you can enjoy the festival next year that will open on January 25th to 30th in this year at Eastern Florida State College (Titusvile Campus).

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