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Songkran Festival Thailand as the Biggest Water Festival in the World – Thailand is the country with the unique Songkran Festival Thailand. It is the beautiful festival that makes many people enjoys the happiness. This festival happens in the New Year. The nation holiday in New Year become the best day for the people because they can enjoy the day with the water fight. You can see many people with the water and they throw the water to the other people. It will give you the amazing view when you follow the festival.
If you live in Thailand, you may not be unfamiliar with Songkran. Songkran is a celebration that is held every year. It is held to celebrate the new solar year in Thailand. Songkran is well known with its water festival. In fact, you will play water with everyone around you to celebrate it. Songkran Thailand water festival is very fun and will be followed not only by children but also adults and even old people.
Significance of Songkran Thailand Water Festival
Songkran means to pass or to move into. In this context, the meaning indicates to the passing and the moving of the sun, the moon and the other worlds into among the zodiacal orbits. And the Grand Songkran Festival which falls in Aries indicates the brand-new age of the Thai New Year. Owing to the ancient Indian belief, the Grand Songkran Festival is most suitable to be the Thai New Year due to the timing of the best weather which is referred to as the spring of India which comes right after the cold weather of winter season. Likewise, there are other aspects supporting this belief such as flowering flowers, the fresh atmosphere of nature and the income of all living animals.
Songkran History With the terrific impact from the Indians, the Songkran Festival portrays the common lifestyles of the Thais which include the farming elements. Free from their regular routine work, the Thai residents will find time to perform their annual rites of lionizing to their forefathers. The emphasize of the festival will consist of the younger Thais paying respect to their seniors by sprinkling their hands with scented water. And in order to welcome the New Year, the celebration will include the delightful colourful local entertainment, which in fact, appropriately unites the shared relationship in between family members, society, nature and the surroundings.
The date of the festival
The time Songkran Water Festival happen is in 13-15 of April. You can visit Thailand on these dates and you can see the festival. The workers and the students get the holiday for this festival. The other country that also does this festival is Laos and Cambodia. It is amazing festival because it will make people feel the water while laugh together. All people can follow this festival from the children until the elder people. This festival has the good function. It can help people to reduce the heat in the April heat.
People usually using water in many shape devices such as the water in balloon, water gun, water in plastic and many others things that can be used to throw the water. Many people mix the water with the chalk or menthol. It will get color to the water or give the cool sensation. The holiday becomes very impressive with this special moment. You can be one of the people that follow the Songkran Water Festival.
Everybody get wet in this festival
The water will give the good fortune for people who follow the festival. Everybody get wet in this festival and you should not be afraid when people throw the water to you randomly. The other kind of water is the mixture of water with herbs. It will make the nice sensation for the elder people. When you follow this festival, you should be careful because people may throw the water to your face and it can make you get injury. The Festival Songkran Water is interesting bur not really secret.
The traditional Songkran Festival is different, this festival not really traditional anymore because many accident that happen caused by people who throw the water to the face. It makes people feel hurt and the festival become so badly. There is lack of the dress code and it5 makes many people complain about this festival. The regulation should be better to make this traditional festival become amazing like before.

Where to Celebrate Songkran Water Festival

Some towns in Thailand celebrate Songkran with longer days up to a week. It depends on where you live. You may celebrate Songkran water festival in Thailand anywhere including at home. However, usually people will celebrate it on the streets of Thai towns. They also hold festival merriments with ceremonies, water fights, concerts, etc. So, in these days, Thailand will be crowded of people who play with water.
Trip to Thailand for Songkran
If you’re considering taking a trip to Thailand for Songkran (Thailand’s Water Fight Festival this year) be prepared to obtain soaked having the time of your life in an enjoyable and exciting water battle (all in great fun). The Thai New Year always occurs in the most popular time of the year, so it’s the perfect time for water play; you’ll feel like a kid once again. Everybody will get it on the enjoyable (at least those brave enough to gather in the streets), spraying, dropping water from above and splashing each other. While a great deal of the water will originate from the typical water guns, pipes and buckets, moistening down passerby, there are party goer’s who will drive around with 44 gallon’s of water, catching everyone by surprise; it’s all in good enjoyable and an enjoyable method to cool down.
Chiang Mai holds the most significant, most acknowledged Thailand Water Festival parade, which consists of statues from local temples being performed and paraded through the streets in event of this really unique time of the year. Everyone is invited to take part in the parade by delicately and respectfully, pouring water over the legs and arms of the Buddha. One factor that Chiang Mai more than likely honors Songkran more vigorously than other locations in Thailand is that a large number of people from Chiang Mai operate in Bangkok and neighboring cities, so it provides them a chance to return house and celebrate with their families and pals.
Hua Hin is the closest beachfront place to Bangkok and the perfect location to commemorate the Thailand New Year. Hua Hin is a gorgeous place to commemorate the Songkran festival with its sand sculptures located at the beach house retreat, particularly spectacular throughout the night hours.
You will find that there are a number of major Songkran celebrations held around Thailand such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, and Khon Kaen that will providing you lots of possibilities to have a good time splashing which is likewise stated to bring you all the best throughout the upcoming next year.

How to Celebrate Songkran Water Festival

If you also want to joint to celebrate Songkran Thailand water festival, you need to pay attention to the following tips. The first tip is that you play water with the rules. There are some rules that you need to follow. For example, you should play with clean water. Besides that, the water should not be hot. On the contrary, cold water is allowed as long as you do not use iced cubes because it can danger other people. Anyway, it belongs to one of the Songkran Thailand water festival tips.
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Besides that, you should also not use wet powder because you are only allowed to use clean water. That is why wet powder is prohibited. Then, you have also to dress appropriately. It will be better for you to avoid white dress. Swimsuit will be a good idea for you. If you bring valuables & electronics, you should store it in a waterproof bag. If you want to take pictures, you have to make sure that you use a waterproof camera. That is all the tips that you should follow to celebrate Songkran Thailand water festival.
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