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Enjoying Stromlo Running Festival – As a multi-use park, it is not something new that many events were celebrated at Stromlo Forest Park, including Stromlo running festival that will reach its 8th year on November 20th this year. Stromlo forest used to be a perfect track for athletes to practice, and now, after the bushfires incident, Stromlo Forest Park is very famous for its cycle and also off road track. Joining this running festival, participant can choose trail running event. This running festival offers three trail running events, which are; 10km, 30km, and 50km. This way any runners from any levels can participate the event.


Challenge in Stromlo running festival

A 10km Stromlo running festival is meant for beginners as the challenge is not that hard, though you can’t underestimate it. For this trail running event, it will be started at 08.00 am. The lower slopes of mount Stromlo will witness your hardship to finish the marathon. While running you can enjoy beautiful scenery, however, be careful with some wavy roads. For 10km event, its is limited only for 400 participants with the early bird fee $40 (all-inclusive). Give yourself more challenge, a 30km event is for you. Obviously, you have to finish the first 10km together with other 10km participants.

The rest 20km Stromlo running festival is not only more challenging, but the scenery getting more beautiful as well. Finish your 10km, you will continue the race to the western part of mount Stromlo, and yes it is not easy as the track is ascending. You will have about 4 hours cut-off, and you will start the event earlier than a 10km participant, which is on 07.30am. Only 300 participant can join this event, and the entrance fee is 60$ (early bird and all inclusive). And the last one is the real challenge for runners with full-packed experience.
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A 50km will include 10km and also 20km. After they accomplish 30km loops, 50km’s participants will go east through Molonglo River, then Arboretum, and finally pine forest. To be considered as 50km finisher, they should reach the finish line within 4 hours or under 5 hours. Else, they will consider as 30km finisher. To join this event, the early bird fee is $80 all inclusive, and only 100 participants who can join the event. Those who  are not joining the event as runner, you can enjoy Stromlo running festival as spectators while camping there with your family or friends. Early bird entrance fee, it will start during August to October 31st , and it will extended until November with added cost.
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