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The Events Happening in the Albuquerque Balloon Festival in New Mexico – In New Mexico, USA, there is the so-called largest hot air balloon festival in the world. This festival goes by the name Albuquerque Balloon Festival. It is a nice-day event which happens during early October every year. More than 500 balloons will be launched during this festival and there will be all sorts of events happening within nine days of it. So, what do you think those events could be? There are some main ones you can expect to see.

5 Main Events of Albuquerque Balloon Festival

The first main event is Dawn Patrol. As the name suggests, certain balloon pilots will take off at dawn and fly till sunrise to patrol in order to get an idea of the wind speeds and directions for the day. This event really helps other balloonists to watch the balloons. The second main event is Mass Ascensions. It is where balloons are launched in 2 waves, making the sky full of hundreds of balloons.
The third main event in Albuquerque Balloon Festival is called Artistic Vision. As the name suggests, people can make the balloons as their subject of paintings. Other people will even get to watch the balloons from the backyards of their home. The fourth main event in Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta is Special Shape Rodeo. All families can see balloons in all shapes and sizes in this event in New Mexico.
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Then, the last main event in this International Balloon Festival is called Balloon Glows. Countless balloons will stand static in the sky and illuminate at night. You will get spectacular night glow from the special-shaped balloons in this festival. Actually, besides those main events, there are still special events and competitions hold during the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. There are The Fiesta Challenge, America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race, etc.
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