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The Fascinating Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival – There is a lot of stories behind Elmvale maple syrup festival. The idea about the maple syrup festival was on 1965, and the first maple syrup festival was celebrated was on 1966. The outcome of the festival is great, and all the proceed of the festival is shared for each local businesses and organization that contribute to the event. And the same thing is repeated in the next maple syrup festival. Nonetheless in 1968, there were two voices related to the maple syrup festival. To reduce the conflict whether the festival should be stopped or not, vote was conducted.
Want to know which side that is win? Those who say no toward the continuation of the event. Luckily, those who consider that the festival is important work together, and the result, you can enjoy Elmvale maple syrup festival until now. As the event for this year is over, make sure that you spare some of your time next year. For in this year, this annual maple syrup festival is opened on April 27th. This event offers you with many activities you’ll love. Do you like pancake so much? How many pancake you can eat?

What happen in Elmvale maple syrup festival

Elmvale maple syrup festival presents pancake eating contest. Okay, this is only for firefighter, but seeing them competing to finish the pancake, though pancakes coated with maple syrup are delicious, but eating them in huge number and fast. It must be not easy. Struggle for them, but you can find the contest interesting in the point of view of spectators. Tips for you if you want to watch the pancake eating contest, stay in safe distance from the contestants. But, what is attending the maple syrup festival if you can enjoy your pancake with maple syrup at the festival?

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Visit the maple syrup pancake house to taste both sausages and pancakes covered with maple syrup. There you can enjoy live performance as well. Want to buy something unique like crafts and arts, you find what you are looking for at the festival. Within Elmvale maple syrup festival, if you are lucky, then you can meet with Miss Amber Maple, a unknown mascot that always smile. Among others, this is the most unique part of the festival. It is said, if you meet with Miss Amber Maple, you can request her special treat. Finally, for visitors who curios about the parking park, local churches and school allow you to  park your vehicle there, even so have the festival map (you can find online), it helps a lot. 
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