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The History of Des Moines Art Festival in Western Gateway Park, Iowa – Do you like arts? If you really like them, we suggest you to see Des Moines Art Festival in Iowa. It is a festival held every June in Western Gateway Park. Within only 3 days, this festival can draw more than 200,000 people. That is why it is known to be one of top festivals in United States. Don’t you want to know how this Festival of Art in Des Moines back in the past? We are sure that you must be curious about it. So, let’s talk about it here.

How Des Moines Art Festival Was

Speaking about the history of this festival, it all began right back in 1958. It first started with Des Moines Art Center hosting its Park. It was held right on Des Moines’ fine art museum. Even way back in the past, many people had seemed to put their interest in arts already. Much later in 1997, there comes revitalized urban energy in Des Moines, Iowa.
You must have wanted to know what this has thing to do with Des Moines Art Festival. Well, due to such urban energy, momentum began to reinvigorate all events that had lasted for 40 years. Then, back in 1998, the so-called Des Moines Art Fiesta has come to existence on the downtown bridges. The bridges are the ones which span the River. This event has come to live since then.
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The festival would showcase all premiere artists in the nation. It lets people of all ages to see, know, and learn about arts through this event. It has been decided that the festival will be done every year. This art festival has always been a big success every year. The participants can always reach more than 200,000. Ever since it has new name and place, more than 2.1 million participants have all been welcomed in Des Moines Art Festival up until now.
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