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The Mesmerizing Cow Parade Figurines– Cow parade is an event where you can spot beautiful cow parade figurines. The event itself is known as global public art event firstly appeared in 1999. The root of cow parade is in Zurich. Nevertheless over there, instead of cow, they use lions as it is the symbol of the city. Start for its inception, there are many figurines which are produced like 5000. For your information, the figurine has the same size with the real cow. Many towns in different countries become the host of cow parade, some of them are Edinburgh, Boston, Tokyo, and Madrid. 

The cow parade figurines are made of fiberglass, and after it is created and decorated, cow parade figurine will be displayed in public places like airport , train station, and many more. The design of the figurine is varied. Not only based on the artists’ creativity, but in most cases , it features particular theme, local culture, and so on. The event can last for months, until the time that the figurine is auctioned. Though, the event become part of many cities, but the essence of the event stays the same.
Cow parade means artist, breathtaking cow parade figurines, charities, sponsor, and to increase tourism. For this year the event will be on stage on September until May next year. During the event local artist will perform their talent to sculpt beautiful life-sized cow parade figurine. As previously mentioned, the cow parade figurine will be auctioned in the end for charity. However, it is not all of them. Some of figurines will be placed permanently in certain place you may not expect. Within the year of the event, there will be some other events that will end when the auction is started.
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Enjoying cow parade figurinesEnjoying cow parade figurines from different cities around the world, you can expect something different. Certain city like Surrey, for instance, they take the event as competition which is a good  idea. Anyone can be sponsors, and it up to them whether they want to ask artist assistance to decorate the cow or they can decorate the cow by themselves until finally it will be judged and auctioned. Through cow parade even around the world, the fund that is collected up to $30 millions, and is dedicated for organization with charitable purpose in places where cow parade is hosted. Even so, not only charitable organization which gain benefit from the event, but also the local businesses and the cities in whole.

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