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Winston Salem Christmas Parade To Lit Up The Christmas Spirit – The inception of the Winston Salem Christmas parade started approximately 25 years ago. The parade was organized by Winston-Salem Jaycess, a group of young and professionals between 21 and 41 years old who care so much about the town and the people around to bring joy and happiness. When it comes to the young professionals who contribute through the parade lineup, the event will not only their way to show their love to the town the people, but also it helps them to improve their leadership. Want to be part of it? 

Winston Salem Christmas parade is an annual event and is orchestrated on December, precisely on it first Saturday. And you know what? Basically everyone in the community can be part of the parade line-up. So, the lineup can be filled with high school students, non-profit organization, and more. The parade, however, is long. Though, it depends on the number of entries that participate, the parade can take about an hour or more. Become the spectators of the parade, say this is your first time, there are several things to know. After the parade, you can enjoy three lighting at Corpening Plaza and is also the finish line of the parade.

Tips in Winston Salem Christmas parade

While viewing Winston Salem Christmas parade, if you expect candies or some other materials throw to you, it only happens when the official Santa pass-by. All of the entries, but Santa, they are restricted to give candies or something like coupon and so on, asking why? It is not easy task to handle huge number of the spectators and the participants in the same time. Moreover when it comes to safety, and that is why in the way to prevent any misfortune that may happen, the rule is made. 

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You know, Winston Salem Christmas parade will never be canceled regardless of the weather, unless the weather is so severe. Rather than you worry about the parade, ensure you put yourself first. Get informed of the weather for that day, and yes, you have to pay attention toward what you wear. Based on yesteryear parade, the Christmas parade is started at 05.00pm, simply wear proper clothes and you will be safe. Those who want to know the parade route (according to 2015’s Christmas parade), the start line of the parade is 4thstreet at Polar Street, then it travels to 4th street at Liberty Street, and finally to Corpening Plaza via 1st street at Liberty Street.
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Winston Salem Christmas Parade
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