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Yi Peng Festival of Lights Yee Peng Festival Wonderful Night Sky in Chiang Mai Thailand – Thailand is very rich in culture and history. There are various cultural festivals held annually in the land of white elephant. One of the annual cultural festivals in Thailand is Yi Peng Festival or festival of lights. It is held on the same location with Loy Krathong Festival. During this festival, people release lit lanterns or khom loi together into the night sky. Chiang Mai will be extremely beautiful during this festival.

The Origin of Yee Peng Festival Thailand

Originally, this festival is from the northern Thailand. The ancient kingdom of Lanna is closely related to this festival. If we look back to the Brahmin origins, Yee Peng Festival is regarded as the celebration to mark the end of rain season and the beginning of winter. Besides Chiang Mai, this festival is commonly held in several locations in northern Thailand.
The local event of Yi Peng in Chiang Mai is also a spiritual ceremony in Thai language paying homage to the Buddha. The exact date is not revealed and is understand just a few weeks ahead of time. A second lantern release specially catered for foreign tourists is held typically one week after the standard event for a fee of 80 up to 100 USD.

Lanterns in Yi Peng Festival of Lights

Lanterns are the focal point of Yi Peng Festival Thailand. They have various colors and designs. Then, people set those lanterns in several gates around the location – the Old Town district of Chiang Mai – including Thapae Gate and Three Kings Monument. The front entrance of household and temples are decorated with flowers and coconut leaves during Yee Peng Festival. Besides, the entrance of homes, temples, and shops are also decorated with candles and lanterns. This decoration represents how people try to achieve the brighter future from the darkness of the past.
Furthermore, lantern has four different styles; khom kwaen or the hanging lantern, khom thuea or khom gratai (carrying lantern or rabbit’s ear lantern), khom loy or khom Fai (lantern which is floated by hot air) and khom paad (revolving lantern).The lanterns are released to release the bad memories of the past. It also shows how people respect Buddha and hope for the better future. When Yee Peng Festival is celebrated traditionally, only monks who are permitted to release the lantern. However, everybody can release the lantern too.

Khom Loy/ Khom Fai: Sky Lantern in Yi Peng Chiang Mai Festival

The Khom Loy, also called Khom Fai, is a cylinder of paper about one meter high, braced with wire circles. Suspended from the bottom of the cylinder is a tray consisting of cotton soaked in kerosene. Fireworks and firecrackers are likewise often connected to the tray. These ignite and take off after the balloon is launched. Once the cotton is lit it takes about a minute for the air inside the cylinder to warm up enough to lift the balloon into the air.
It is thought that introducing one of these balloons can send out an individual’s bad luck and bad luck away into the air, particularly if it vanishes from view before the fire heads out. Typically individuals will state a brief prayer before releasing the balloon. In some cases they will likewise position their address in the balloon, or write it on the outside. Anybody who later on discovers the balloon can then claim cash from the sender. In this way the good fortune is shared.
Individuals in Northern Thailand likewise venerate Pra Ged Kaew Ju La Manee (the Crystal Chedi in paradise in which the Buddha’s hair is kept), and worship this by sending air swelled lantern into the high sky. The Chiang Mai location has actually been the scene of massed balloon launches for a thousand or more.
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The Best Spot to View Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai

The giant lanterns will be released in the morning during the Yi Peng Lantern Festival. Those lanterns are usually released at some temples. Meanwhile, khom loy or the floating lanterns will be released together in the evening all around Chiang Mai that include the city, Ping River and around the moat. If you want to have the best view of Yi Peng Festival Thailand, you can visit Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Pan Tao. Those temples are away of the river bank which is usually crowded but the view is amazing and wonderful. So, have a good time in Thailand.

Mae Jo Mass Lantern Launch

The most spectacular of the massed balloon launches occurs at the back of Mae Jo University, about 13 kilometers outdoors town. Note that the Mae Jo/Sansai lantern release is not included in the schedule. This is not a part of Chiang Mai events, but is something a bit various than most individuals realize. The Mae Jo/Sansai lantern release is put on by the DMC, which is a Buddhist sect who specialize in massive occasions that are particularly photogenic.
Yi Peng includes two syllables. Yi means 2nd and Peng suggests month, so it is not difficult to see why the festival falls on 2nd month of the Lanna Calendar. No, it was not the 2nd month of the Gregorian Calendar.
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Though it lasts for several days, you need to understand that the dates might move every year. They can be earlier and later on. Nevertheless, it commonly falls in November. You still require to have a look at the specific Yi Peng Festival this year dates prior to flying there.
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